Seraphim Blade Mono 330W

Highlights of Seraphim Blade Mono 330W Panels

Seraphim Solar panels

Blade™ – A Module re-Modeled

Seraphim’s Blade™ Series solar module boasts two identical parts, which are composed of cells that are half the size of ordinary solar cells. By cutting cells into halves, these smaller currents will help reduce “Cell To Module” loss, which means higher output.

In the meantime, the overall space between cells are doubled, and more light will be transferred into power through multiple reflections. Compared to mainstream standard modules, the Blade™ series module has lower current and series resistance which helps minimize mismatch loss, internal power loss, and shadow effect, etc. Once one cell has EL defect or appearance defect, such as black edge or V sharp. After cutting, one intact half can be reused.

Seraphim Solar panels are one of the most preferred choice of customers.

  • 15 years guarantee on product materials and workmanship – 5 years better than most T1 panels
  • 25 years output warranty
  • Features the new Seraphim Blade™ Technology with half-cut cells.
  • Module efficiency of 19.49%.
  • Enhanced nominal power with advanced half-cut cell buy levitra 20mg technology and new layout design
  • Higher yield due to better shading repsonse
  • Seraphim Solar panels are certified to resist 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa mechanical load

Key Features

  • More Output
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Higher ROI
  • Less Mismatch loss
  • Less Internal Power Loss
  • Higher Yield Due to Better Shading Response

Mechanical Data

  • Solar Cells: PERC Mono crystalline158.75 × 79.375 mm(120pcs)
  • Weight: 19KG
  • External Dimensions: 1690 x 1002 x 35 mm
  • Front Glass: 3.2 mm AR coating tempered glass, low iron
  • Frame: Anodized aluminium alloy
  • Junction box: IP68, 3 diodes
  • Cables: 4.0 mm²,Portrait:255mm(+)/355mm(-);Landscape:1200mm
  • Connectors: MC4 Compatible
  • Mechanical Load: 5400 Pa

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