Sungrow – SG3K/ 3K6 / 4K6/5KTL-D

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. was founded in China in 1997 by Cao Renxian, a professor at the Hefei University of Technology. Professor Renxian founded Sungrow after learning about the dire state of electrical availability in rural western China.

Sungrow has since grown to be one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers globally. Sungrow has manufactured over 100GW to 60 countries giving them a worldwide market share of 15%. This has contributed to the company’s valuation of $1.5 billion.

Sungrow entered the Australian market in 2012 and has stated that they have captured around 15% of the inverter market. Sungrow specialises in research and development, taking pride in being an innovation leader within the solar industry. This commitment has resulted in more than 1,600 patent applications as of June 2019.



Why should we choose this Inverter?

  • Dual MPPT, compatiable different residential
    rooftop system design
  • Max. input voltage 60 0V, compatible with
    different PV panel and string design
  • Only 11kg, easy for handling and installation
  • Easy replacment and transportation, reduce the
    trouble of service
  • Access to home WiFi system, easy to enjoy the
    online monitoring
  • Wireless communication design, intelligent mobile
    phone local and remote monitoring
  • TÜV, CE, AS4777, AS/NZS 3100, VDE AR N 4105,


Max. efficiency 98.00%
Max. European efficiency 97.50%
Isolation method Transformerless
Ingress protection rating IP65
Night power consumption <1W
Operating ambient temperature range -25~60℃ (>45℃ derating)
Allowable relative humidity range 0~100%
Cooling method Natural cooling
DC connection type MC4
AC connection type Plug and play connector
Dimensions (W*H*D) 360*390*133 mm
Mounting method Wall bracket
Weight 11kg
Anti-islanding protection Yes
DC reverse connection protection Yes
AC short circuit protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes
DC switch Optional
DC fuse No
Overvoltage protection Varistors
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