We provide below services for Commercial Solar Panels.

Commercial Solar Panels

1 . Energy Audit

Amazing Energy Specialist (Commercial Solar Panels expert) will assist your energy usage, building suitability and generate a comprehensive report.

2 . Planning

Based on the report we will be able to find out system requirements and design then together we’ll be able to figure out best suitable financial model to get the most return on investment; whether it be outright, power purchase agreement (PPA) or leasing, it will be the one that gets you most return and suits your business need.

3 . Installation

Our Amazing certified installation team (Commercial Solar Panels experts) will ensure all the work is done with the compliance and your solar project is a success. We also offer performance monitoring tools and maintenance.

Considering installing solar at your organisation?

We’re here to help, with a choice of financial options; repayment strategies can be tailored to your specific cash flow requirements.

We are Commercial Solar Panels Expert:

Amazing Solar was founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs who worked together for many years in the solar industry prior to starting the Amazing Solar company. They bring decades of collective experience to the Australian home owners and businesses. It doesn’t matter what they believe, what matters is what Amazing customers believe. Amazing Solar has already helped thousands of homeowners and many businesses with their sustainable solar solutions; helping them reduce their power bills and enabling the world to reduce its carbon footprint.

Melbourne is home, this is where the company started from Cranbourne and Clyde, Amazing headquarters are located in the south-east business district of Melbourne; in Dandenong South, with other offices in SA, WA and NSW and supplying all around this great nation including some remote regions of our beautiful country.

We are totally committed towards our planet, environment issues and humanity which really means we are absolutely committed to providing you with to-date, the most advanced technologies in solar power at the lowest prices and the level of service you would just love!

Our mission is to amaze the world by providing people with the choice of most advanced and highest quality solar solutions at the lowest prices.

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