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Switch to Clean Energy in Abundance with Amazing Solar

often have you heard to save electricity? Probably almost every second day!
Either your loved ones or relatives must have reminded you to switch off the
lights and fans when not in use, or you must have come across an advertisement
or hoarding! Whichever the scenario, we all have grown up studying and being
warned that Earth will be left with no energy producing sources one day! This
is true. Therefore, being cautious, raising awareness and taking appropriate
measures to preserve energy is essential. But is that it? No way! Over 70 per
cent of the world is aware of the consequences of dependence on depleting and
non-renewable energy sources such as coal, natural gas and petroleum. However,
only a certain portion of the population is careful and attentive to their
energy consumption requirements.

energy for a sustainable future is crucial, but that’s not it. We need
alternatives, and that’s what Amazing Solar brings to you. Amazing Solar is a
leading solar company in Victoria. We are reliable and professional
solar panel installers.

energy is a free and abundantly available renewable energy source on Earth.
Solar energy can power all your home’s and commercial space’s energy
requirements. By installing a solar panel in Victoria, you are not
contributing towards less electricity loss but also helping conserve the
environment by limiting carbon emissions. Solar Power in Victoria is a
clean, and Amazing Solar is a CEC approved retailer.

you have to do is connect with our expert solar panel installers in Victoria and
fix a convenient schedule for a site visit. Upon inspection, our specialists
will guide you through the best suitable solar panel options for your home or
office. We provide customised and tailored options which will work for you. Our
solar company in Victoria will also look after the paperwork.

Solar’s solar installation services are not limited to installation. Instead,
we extend the quality and dependable customer support to all our patrons. The
quality and affordable prices of our solar panels in Victoria are

what are you waiting for?

Go Green – Save Power – Invest in Solar

energy is just a call or email away! Connect with us today.


We use state-of-the-art technology

Amazing Solar Solution is one of the leading Solar System provider and below are some of the reasons which makes Amazing Solar the best choice when it comes to Solar.

Top Quality Panels and Inverters : We only provide top quality and globally recognized; panels and inverters.

Amazing Installation Service: All our installers are CEC-approved installers and they carry out the installation in the right manner.

Competitive Pricing: We provide quality solar systems at most competitive prices.

NETCC Approved Seller: Amazing Solar is NETCC Approved Seller, which means we have to maintain really high standards when it comes to quality and our installation team is also accredited.

We are just a phone call away to answer all your questions
We offer cost-effective and customized solar systems
We facilitate grid connection to ensure uninterrupted power supply
We provide interest-free, pocket-friendly financing
Rely on us for hassle-free installation

Looking for solar? We would love to help

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For more detailed information about the above offers, Please check our - Terms and conditions*


Why Amazing Solar as your rooftop Solutions provider?


A quick consultation with our solar expert to discuss your solar needs.

We will propose and design a customized solar solution for you.

Our solar experts will review the design before installation.


Our team will take care of all the paperwork and permits.

We install a solar system and connect it to the power grid.

The solar system is tested and put into operation.


Your dealer replaces your meter with a smart meter.

Final monitoring system setup and warranty information.

Lifetime support.

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Our dedicated and swift customer service team is available to support your queries and resolve any technical issues and will ensure timely solutions.

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STILL Confused?

Switch to solar and you'll be pleasantly surprised

By installing a solar power system at your place, you will be able to completely control and track your electricity bill. You can use this information to make informed decisions about your energy usage, and feel confident that you’re doing your part to help keep the planet green.

Our customer's electricity bill after installing solar

Cut down your bills
upto 90%

Our customer's electricity bill before installing solar

$ 400



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