How Much Electricity You Can Save Using Solar Energy System?

No doubt that the solar energy system is now the top favorite for every homeowner because of its ultra-saving tendencies. This one of the fastest advancing forms of renewable energy can save you hundreds of those hard-earned dollars!

Who doesn’t want to save themselves from hefty electricity bills, right?

According to the recent statistics found over the internet, an average house owner can save electricity of approximately 600 units by installing 5kW rooftop solar energy systems in their homes.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of solar panels is their ease of use. With long-term use, these PV systems get you excellent financial returns. Though the solar energy panels include a significant amount of money to purchase and install, they’re worth the shot!


How does Solar energy systems save you?

The question actually should be, in how many ways do they save you?

The hierarchy goes like this –

Solar energy is captured directly by the sun. It is the ultimate source of energy on Mother Earth.

Solar panels directly convert this solar energy into solar power.

Then the solar panel system converts it into the desirable heat or electricity format.


The major way solar PV systems help you save money is by reducing your dependency on grid power. Since this is a form of renewable energy, you can always get electricity until the sun is shining bright. The invention of highly popular monocrystalline panels has made the task easier. Even if there are clouds, you still get some energy extracted during the day.

Photovoltaics also save the environment by reducing carbon footprints. Generally, you won’t notice any major difference in your electricity supply (provided if the solar panels are installed properly). With solar panels, you are simply generating your own power. This later saves your money by consuming less of the retailer’s energy. For e.g., if suppose your devices consume 3kW of energy, and out of which your solar system produces 2kW from the PV systems, then your dependency on the grid power reduces just to 1kW.

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Long-term guaranteed savings with Solar panels! 

If you’re considering installing solar panels in your home or property, you need to be patient with the results. These are long-term efficiency ventures, hence they take time to pay for themselves.

Installing larger solar panels can be an expensive choice. But still, they help you to generate more energy. Their eco-friendly character makes solar PVs even more adaptable. The numbers and savings may vary depending upon the usage, but one thing is for sure, you will always remain on the gaining side.

On the environmental balance side, the solar system simply rocks. For instance, these energy systems directly reduce carbon emissions & can save up to two trees every week! So if you plan to install a solar panel system for your residential, or even commercial property, then you will surely be contributing your bit towards environmental saving, which is the need of the time actually.

Time to get your solar energy system installed now!

You may hear people stressing on the term “efficiency” when purchasing solar panel systems. Here we will let you know all about the efficiency encyclopedia of the solar system and what exactly it is.

Solar panel efficiency – 

The amount of energy a solar panel can convert from the sun’s energy into electrical energy. The efficiency of the solar system is determined by capturing the generated electric current throughout the process when it gets converted into alternating current by getting transferred into the wires and busbars.

Measuring the efficiency of a solar panel is easier than you think. Suppose if you are buying Jinko Solar panels offering 20% efficiency, that means that those panels can convert 20% of the sunlight by converting it to electricity. Many factors directly affect the efficiency of solar panels. They are – 

  1. Solar panel components– What is the material of which a solar panel is made up of? Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are hugely popular and they make almost every solar panel of these two types of solar cells because of their uniform composition. The monocrystalline panels are more efficient rather than the polycrystalline ones. The difference in costs may also vary because the efficiency and performance differs for both solar panel types.
  2. Reflectance efficiency– Reflectance efficiency of the solar panel is required for knowing the exact efficiency of the solar panel. This is the measure where you can come to know the amount of sunlight that gets reflected after hitting the panel. The lesser the amount of sunlight reflected on the panel, the more will be the efficiency of the same. Though, glass, one of the essential components of the solar panel, reflects a negligible amount of solar light when it strikes it.
  3. Thermodynamic efficiency- The maximum efficiency possible is known as thermodynamic efficiency. The maximum height where the sun’s energy can be converted into electric energy is the thermodynamic aspect of it. The solar panels are able to generate electricity up to some extent using the sun’s energy. Rest turns into heat. The construction of multi-junction/tandem solar cells will be very helpful for increasing the efficiency of the solar panels. 

The most efficient solar energy panels – 

With time, solar panels are continuously competing to be claimed the most efficient solar generation panels of all time. Though the efficiency mark they could be anywhere between 17% to 23%. It solely depends upon the type of panel you are selecting. Cheaper panels may not give the highest solar efficiency, whereas the panels from the best brands offer the highest solar efficiency.

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Here we will let you know about the best brands which offer the most efficient solar panels – 

  1. LG solar panels – As the name says, LG is one of the most reputed solar brands that produce the best solar panels with the highest efficiency. It’s always expected to deliver the highest performance-based solar products. Currently, they are providing the solar panels at a maximum of 21% efficiency.
  2. REC solar panels – The REC panels are the European brand that can offer an exclusive 21.7% of efficiency with its Alpha series of solar panels. They have an excellent reputation for creating solar panels with unique techniques. 
  3. SunPower solar panels – Their premium solar panel power line offers 20% of efficiency and above. This brand claims to provide the top tier solar panels with guaranteed long-term performance and results.

The environment also affects the solar panel’s efficiency. For example, if your solar panel is fixed in a shady region, then definitely the panel won’t be able to produce the expected amount of energy. Also, the proper installation of the panel is crucial to make sure that the solar panel would work regularly to produce the maximum amount of energy for your household.


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